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February is Creative Romance Month, so it’s a great time to give one of these heartfelt gifts to a creative writer you love. At Writer’s Relief, we know writers and readers will be clamoring for these gifts—because we certainly are! Here’s our list of the best Valentine’s Day (or any day!) gifts for your favorite writer (and that includes YOU).

The Most Heartfelt Gifts For The Writer You Love


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Tote Bag. What a great way to carry books on a writer’s To Be Read list! Bonus: Each purchase helps fund literacy programs and book donations to communities in need.


Aqua Love Notes Waterproof Notepad. Inspiration can strike at any time, even in the shower or while doing dishes! Now writers can jot down ideas—or scribble a love note—without worrying about the water.


Blue Light Blocking Glasses. These fashionable blue light blocking glasses will reduce discomfort from the TV, phone, or digital screen—so bookworms can keep reading without eyestrain!


LED Clip Lamp. If your favorite writer is a night owl, this clip light adjusts in any direction to keep the page or workspace well lit.


Candle Café Au Library. Create a cozy reading and writing space with the scent of a library and hazelnut coffee! This must be what heaven smells like.

Nook E-Book. How do you fit hundreds of books into the palm of your hand? With a Nook e-reader, your special someone will always have something to read!


8-Position Laptop Desk. Read and write in ultimate comfort! Adjustable to eight different angles for easy, hands-free use and optimal viewing.


Novel Teas. Here’s a gift your booklover will adore! Twenty-five teabags individually tagged with literary quotes.


Last Lines of Literature Coffee Mug. Famous last words! Featuring the last lines from The Lord of the Rings, Moby Dick, and more, this mug is sure to be your bestie’s first choice for coffee breaks.


Magnetic Notebook. Perfect for writers who are constantly changing their minds! Instantly reorganize ideas or plot lines by moving and reconnecting the pages in this magnetic notebook.

Fountain Pen Set. Writing becomes instantly more important and elegant when it’s done with a beautiful, modern fountain pen!


Noise-Canceling Headphones. Perfect for writers or readers who want to escape from noise in order to concentrate. These noise-canceling headphones let you read or write anytime, anywhere, without distraction!


Fleece Blanket with Sleeves. This wearable blanket keeps readers cozy while making it easy to keep turning pages!


Writer’s Block. Writer’s block will be a thing of the past with nearly 800 prompts to fuel creative thinking. Many of these assignments come straight from the creative writing classes of celebrated novelists! (You can also check out some of the Writer’s Relief writing prompts here—totally free!)


Do Not Disturb Writer At Work Hanging Sign. Writers need to protect their scheduled writing time, and this whimsical sign will help keep interruptions at bay. No distractions!


Question: Which gift would you get for your favorite writer (or for yourself)?

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