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Pro or Con – Low-Ticket or High-Ticket Sales? [Video]

Selling High Ticket vs. Low Ticket Products- What’s Your Take?

Affiliate Marketing has opened up new avenues of income for those who want to make money online.  Blogging, Youtubing is the most powerful platform which you can leverage for earning an affiliate commission.
Affiliate marketing is a win-win situation for other marketers and producers.  When a blogger promotes a product through his blog or Youtube video, he does not get the commission upfront unless he makes a sales.  So obviously, for the product owners, affiliate marketers are the best option, as they are the one, who is going to make every effort to make sales to earn a commission for themselves.  so product owners are nothing to lose by giving them permission to promote their product.
On the other hand, an affiliate marketer does not need to produce a product, he just needs to promote the product through his blog post, which he anyway doing otherwise.
So promoting a useful product which can be helpful to his readers, he makes his readers aware of the best possible solution to their problems.
In return, if he makes a sale through his blog post, he earns a commission for himself.
But it is really up to an affiliate marketer, which product he should promote on his blog?  Should he choose a high ticket product or a low commission product?

Selling High Ticket vs. Low Ticket

First of all, let’s see what is a High ticket Product?

According to the Business Dictionary,” Items or products that have a high value and cost. Examples of high-ticket items include jewelry and fancy electronics. High ticket items are a consideration for individuals when they shop for insurance policies, because some policies may not cover such items.”
From the definition, it is clear that it is not only a product with high value or expensive product, but it also includes the high value it provides to the customer.
High ticket product is a  combination of high priced product which gives high value to its buyer.
But here is a secret,[bctt tweet=”People don’t buy products, in fact, they buy the solution to their problems.” username=”jivitaarane”]
This one thing you need to remember, when you promote a product, whether it is a high ticket or low ticket.
the basic thing is you need to find out what problems people are facing in your niche or how can you help them with your specialized skill?
If you can do that, help people with your content and give them a useful solution by suggesting to them useful products and services, definitely people will buy from you.

Why should you promote a high ticket product?

Now the concept of blogging and affiliate marketing is clear to you, it is important to decide whether you should promote high ticket or low ticket products.
If you are just starting out with affiliate marketing, you should not directly jump in promoting high ticket products.   As it needs a bit of experience, of how to create a great copy, how to pre-sell, and other technical knowledge like optimizing your blog post for search engines.
Once you are familiar with these things you can promote high ticket products.
The amount of effort you are taking to create content, and optimizing it for search engines, promoting it through different social media platforms is almost same, whether you are promoting high tickets or low ticket products.
So it is you to decide whether you want to earn $ 4, $40, $400 as a commission.  I think it is absolutely fine if as an affiliate you decide to promote high ticket products.  At the end of the day, you are doing all the hard work for promoting a product.

In short, To a skilled marketer: low-ticket, high-ticket – it makes no difference. It boils down, in either case, to presenting the right offer in the right way to the right person. In reality, though, the typical marketer will find low-ticket far easier.

In simple terms “presenting the right offer in the right way to the right person is affiliate marketing” username=”jivitaarane”]  and to a seasoned marketer, it makes no difference.

How does Promoting High ticket Product will help you?

I would like you to watch this video by Miles Beckler, in which he explains all the stats about promoting high ticket product and how it will be useful to achieve your financial goals.

I am sure after watching this video, you must have thinking about promoting hight ticket products, but it is important to take into consideration some points:

  • Don’t be Scared to review high ticket products.
  • Think of high ticket items that you yourself are really interested in and wish you could have. That way you can review them truthfully, based on technical research without necessarily having to own the item in question.
  • People RESEARCH before buying high ticket (expensive) items far more often than they research cheap, everyday items. Make comparisons between different brands and highlight what you believe to be the best.
  • Show the benefits and drawbacks of similar items. There are people who have the money to buy that expensive item but want to make sure they get the RIGHT ONE. Help them make their choice, and you will INCREASE CONVERSIONS and INCREASE COMMISSIONS.
  • Every niche has some high ticket products, so search for them and promote them.  Never promote products that are not of interest to your readers.  Make relevant suggestions to them.
  •  help them make their choices, and you may only need 1 sale per month to make a profit.
  • There are ample of high ticket products which can be promoted and earn a very lucrative commission.


Affiliate marketing no doubt is a very lucrative business online with the launch of new products daily.  by promoting these products through your content, you can earn a handsome commission for you.
Promoting high ticket or low ticket product is a personal choice, what is your take on the subject.  What would you prefer? or what products are you promoting through your website or youtube videos?
I personally like to promote both of them in equal promotion, so my readers can have a variety of choices while making a choice.
I would really like to know your opinion and if you have any questions pl let me know, I will be glad to answer them.
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High ticket vs low ticket – which is more valuable to your business?

Wondering what’s better between high-ticket sales and low ticket? Not sure what route to take for your own business?
If you operated an eCommerce store, what would you rather your virtual shelves were stocked with: dozens of low-cost items that are liable to attract impulse buys or a selection of high-cost items that will be purchased less frequently?
If you had to focus on one price bracket, what would you choose – high-ticket or low-ticket items?
All businesses and entrepreneurs want to make as much revenue as possible, but which method will actually deliver the best results?
In this blog post, I’m going to look at the merits of both high-ticket sales and low-ticket to find out which is more valuable to your business.

What are high-ticket and low-ticket items?

Most businesses, both online and bricks, and mortar, usually sell a range of products or services.
Some of them are cheap, some are quite expensive and of course, there are all of those in between. Low-ticket products are your cheapest products on offer and high-ticket products, of course, are your most expensive.
And of course, there are those who mostly focus on a single type of product: high priced or low priced.

What are high-ticket sales?

High-ticket items are high-cost and luxury products that are sold for high prices. If you were a life coach, for example, a high-ticket could be a 1-1 mentoring workshop worth $2000, while a low-ticket item would be a short mentoring call worth $100.

What are low-ticket items?

Low-ticket items are the cheap products you have on offer; for example, a $100 mentoring call if you were a coach or a $20 e-book you’re selling.

Which would you focus on selling more of? Would you rather focus on high ticket sales and sell expensive products/services or sell a larger amount of low-ticket items?
Let’s go through the two types of online products to find out what each one has to offer.

High-ticket sales vs low-ticket: the pros and cons

High ticket vs low ticket – which is more valuable to your business?Based on my own experience, high ticket items are the only way to truly build a scalable online business.
In the battle of profit margin versus volume, more often than not the profit margin is the winner.
And when it comes to high-ticket sales, that’s the biggest draw: you can enjoy a huge profit margin as much as 10 times that of a low-ticket item, if not more.
The thing is, the cost of acquisition for leads is often the same for both high-ticket and low-ticket items.
With low-ticket items though, you’re only going to make a small profit from that lead, which means that you will need to sell a lot more products in order to achieve your goals.
Think about it this way: if it costs you £100 to acquire a lead and your low-ticket item is £150, that means you’ve made a profit of £50.
But if you sell a program or product worth £1,000, you’re making £900 in profit.
If you were to make the same profit selling only low-ticket items, you would have to sell 18 products in order to make the same profit. That means 18 times more work and more hours spent finding leads, chasing leads, and then trying to close those same leads.
It also means more frustration for you and a much smaller chance that you’ll be able to ultimately grow and scale your business.
Focusing on high-ticket sales can also mean less money spent on promoting your products.
If you want to make sales of £50k a year and you’re selling low-ticket products for £50, you would then need to sell 1,000 products to achieve your goal.
But if you focus on selling a high-ticket product or service priced at £1,000, that would mean you would only need to sell 50 items to achieve your yearly goal.
That means considerably less work for you and fewer expenses on promotional and marketing strategies like advertising.
High ticket vs low ticket – which is more valuable to your business?With low ticket items, you’ll need to constantly run ads and promote your products – after all, you’ll basically need to sell almost three products every day in order to achieve your goal.
That’s not to say the high-ticket is always the winning strategy.
It certainly has its downsides, not least the fact that you’ll need to create a program that is worth all of this money.
Not only that, but there also needs to be a market for it before you can attract clients who would benefit from your program or product.
Although I’m firmly in favor of high-ticket items (and my clients know it, too – I always push them to go for high-ticket sales and then focus on them so that they can grow), that’s not to say that low-ticket sales are worthless.
Whether we’re talking about a small online business or a sprawling global corporation, I strongly believe that everyone should have some sort of low-ticket item on offer.
There’s a big reason for this: low-ticket items help you get more people into your sales funnel.
These impulse buys and pressure-free purchases get them hooked and give them a taste for the full-fat version – get them in your the high-ticket sales funnel so that you can later upsell to them.
Later, when they have more disposable income or are ready to take the next step, they’re more likely to come back and buy a high-ticket item from you.
The thing is, most people won’t be ready to buy something very expensive from a business they don’t really know.
High-ticket items are big investments, so if you want people to buy them, you need to first hook them somehow and then build on their trust.
One of the best ways to achieve this is to first sell them low-ticket items and from there nurture the relationship until they’re ready to make a bigger investment.
That being said, low-ticket items are simply not enough to build a scalable business.
You should only look at your low-ticket items as a gateway to people buying your high-ticket items: a way to build a high ticket sales funnel that ultimately results in them buying a more expensive product/service.
That’s not to say that it’s impossible to make money with low-ticket items, but the only way to make a respectable profit with these types of products is if you have a huge list that you can sell to and high levels of web traffic that converts well.
If you don’t have a big list you will need to invest too much in acquiring clients and your profit margin will drop even more.

So which is best?

As you’ll have gathered by now, I wholeheartedly believe that focusing on high-ticket sales is the path to success.
I’ve learned this repeatedly with my own businesses as well as with all of the other entrepreneurs and SMEs I’ve coached and mentored over the years.
I talk to a lot of entrepreneurs and small web-based businesses and the one thing the most successful ones have in common is that they all focus on high ticket sales – every single one of them.

Conclusion: High ticket sales vs low ticket

Both low-ticket and high-ticket items have their importance, no matter what business or industry you are in.
Each serves its own role in developing a healthy, flourishing business, but at the end of the day, if you want to build a scalable business, high-ticket products and services are invariably the best way to go.
You’ll make more of a profit in less time, you’ll spend less money on advertising and less time on closing deals. If you want to go big, you have to go high.
Whatever you’re selling – be it high value, low value or somewhere in between – I can help you increase your volume and generate significant revenue. Click here to book a free consultation.

Source: Lilach Bullock

Image: How to Create a Tripwire Funnel (And Why You Should to Boost Sales!)

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