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It happens to the best of us! Even with spellcheck and proofreading, mistakes still happen. At Writer’s Relief, we know that to err is human…to enjoy the unintentional humor is divine! We can all use a chuckle, so here are some of the funniest grammar goof-ups we’ve found on the Internet. Hope this brightens your day, writer—and inspires you to proofread your work carefully!

Funny Grammar Goof-Ups And Mistakes



Park right here—you’ll be fine!



Dress for the occasion: Wear your best costume to use this restroom!



Limited edition—only 50 produced. Buy your state today!


Please smoke quietly, not loudly. Better yet, don’t smoke at all!



Don’t drink and create road signs either!



Herr is the perfect sign: But what if I want to give it to himm?



Question: What funny grammar goof-ups have you seen?

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